A Complete Guide of Asphalt Shingles and its Benefits

All human beings dream of having a roof over their heads. It is a primeval need of mankind as it gives human beings a feeling of security. Therefore, the roof over your head has to be a carefully thought out and planned venture. Whereas plaster, paint, flooring, doors and windows, can all be redone or even replaced, roofing is another matter.

From the time it is cast, it has to be strong, dependable and secure. It should also add to the beauty of the building.

Many kinds of roofing material are available and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. As per most of the roofing contractors in Coppell Tx, asphalt shingles are now a very popular option. They have a life of around 20 years and are highly versatile.

Composition of asphalt shingles

The basic material used in making asphalt shingles is similar to the asphalt used in paving roads. Its viscosity is increased by blowing air through it. Mineral powder is added to it to make it water and fire resistant and the ready product is coated on a fiber glass sheet. This adds to it water resistance. Fire retardant properties and longevity are strengthened by this process.

Using asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles do not require a truss to be constructed before they can be laid. Installation is easy and quick. Highly qualified and experienced workmen are available to complete the work efficiently and without a fuss.

Qualities of asphalt shingles


Asphalt shingles are available in a variety of colors and textures. The sizes can be varied to suit the need. They have the capability to make the roof as attractive as your heart’s desire.

Long lasting

Since polymers are added to the base of shingles, they last long. Also, these tiles do not need constant maintenance for this reason.

The tensile strength is enhanced by the use of polymers.

Asphalt tiles are able to withstand high speed winds and extreme heat without any damage because of their composition.

These tiles do not succumb to weathering as other roofing material does.

All weather tiles

Asphalt tiles are an all weather option. They offer multi layer protection to the inmates of the building. As per Coppell roofing pro company, these tiles are efficient in colder regions owing to their thermal performance. You can easily insulate them and thus have a comfortable temperature at your place.

Reflective asphalt tiles are available for warmer climates.


Asphalt tiles can be used for many types of buildings, in many different climatic conditions. A number of sizes and colors are available, so they can give the desired finish to the building.

This, you can say the asphalt shingles are a great choice for roofing but CoppellRoofingPro have a good and professional roofing installer to do this job .

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